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2012 Mustang Girl new to AFM

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Hello all,

My name's Victoria, and I'm a Texan Mustang girl. I've had five mustangs so far, and love everything about them and the people who enjoy them. I had to sell my '91 5.0 hatchback last year due to money issues, but I recently bought a 2012 v6. I know, I know.. everyone mocks me for my v6(s), but c'mon, 305HP and 32mpg?? It's sad that it has more HP than my Dad's 2005 GT but better mileage. Anyway, I'm rambling..

I've used this site a lot to do some research, and figured I'd jump in. For starters, I think I'll have to ask around about the American Muscle Bama Tuner/Airraid cai combo kit, as I hate the 114/115 speed limiter.. ;D


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Welcome:bigthumbsup I'd look into upgrading your drive shaft before taking off the limiters or you might end up like this guy
Welcome to AFM. You have also picked the best color, Silver.
Gotta love the tattoo.
Nice looking stang! Another Texan mustang girl here, except I now currently live in Oklahoma but only for now lol. I have the JLT CAI on my stang, with the limiter off. haven't gone above 120 though.
Welcome to AFM.:bigthumbsup
I just sold my CAI, as I installed a procharger supercharger. The CAI and tuner is a great bang for the buck purchase.

I don't believe Bama will defeat the MPH limit. The problem with driveshafts is only on automatic trans cars. OEM on the street and aluminum on dynos. Don't apologize for getting a V6. Mine will smoke most V8 mustangs @ 430 HP to the rear wheels.:)
Welcome Texan & congrats on the ride!
:welcomesign That's a nice car you have there, and a nice tattoo too!
what would you dad wonder about if looked in your profile?:bigthumbsup
:welcomesign That's a nice car you have there, and a nice tattoo too!
Yup. I thought the same.
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