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2012 v6 mufflers

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I have a chance to get 2012 v6 mufflers for $40. Would these fit on a 2010 v6? would the sound be any better? for right now I plan on replacing only the one muffler.
Thx for any thoughts.
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i wouldnt... a thrush would prolly get better sound then that...
look on for flow 40's or something along the lines of that. they are durable mufflers so even a used one isnt bad (i have two used ones that had 40,000 miles on them and look great still)
maybe even a glasspack on your car would sound good.... im sure youtube has videos of things along the lines of what i listed above...
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watch out they started changing the hangers around from the 2010 to the 2011 models.
i know on the gt 2010 we have 2, the 2011 have 3 because mufflers are heavier.
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