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2013-2014 Faux Functional Rear License Plate Surround - Custom Creation

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As many have noticed, the black stamped plastic tupperware faux ducts and grilles around the front and rear of these mustangs look cheap at best. But the fake grille that flanks the rear license plate sits up higher than the rest making it much more noticeable than the ones under the front bumper for instance. The only commercially available replacement is that from RTR which sports a couple big square holes that like something you might find on an F250 step bumper. So I decided to make something better. Ideally I wanted a factory/functional look (like an exit grille/diffuser) but not so custom as to look WalMart or Amazon. I also wanted it shiny enough to match the glossy black plastic panel between the taillights. I'm very happy with the results, even though I re-imagined my original plans a few times. I did this by cutting out the lower portion of each rib of a factory grille, sanding the upper portions until very smooth, painting it with many many coats of primer, paint and clear and then putting a carbon fiber wrap behind it. It took a lot of time, but the rear of the car looks a lot more upscale now, but in a very subtle Foose sort of way. What do you think? Thx.
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Thanks man!! Big fan of you Texans here!! People fleeing blue state BS in droves! ;)
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Nice work, things like this always make you appreciate your car more. Nothing like that personal touch.

BTW, you should let’s know your 1st name, so we don’t have to keep calling you HS, or “CarHoods” 🤣
My niece set up that gmail account... LOL Gotta keep an eye on that one! Jeff here. Thanks for asking!
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Ya, looks a lot better IMO when those two upper and lower panels match. BTW, I haven't had the problem yet, but I hear that trunk panel suffers from delam for many people.. I imagine that CF helps protect it as well.

I think it looks much better than the dull stock panel. You must have a steady hand to have cut out each slit but not to have cut to far over to one side or the other. I totally agree that the RTR panel is not appealing.
Ya man! It was more like building/modding a plastic car model than working on a real car! Took a lot of patience as well as a bit of marine epoxy for my boo boos. ;)
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My rear deck panel was looking pretty bad from the clear coat delamination. Instead of replacing it I had it wrapped to match the real carbon fiber license plate surround. TruFiber makes a real carbon fiber replacement but I didn’t care for the fit. It doesn’t cover the side or lower edges of the painted panel, this allows the bright red to show along the bottom and adjacent to the tail light assemblies.

The OEM panel wraps around and hides these edges.

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Thanks. Good to know for future reference. Since I first read about this problem, I always close my trunk with care, trying to remember to grab the spoiler or something else.
I think it just weathers from UV exposure. Mine didn’t delaminate where I touched it necessarily.

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Oh! Ok, Ya I suppose that black would absorb a lot of heat/UV or what ever.
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