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2013 5.0 brief misfire on cylinders 2 and 4?

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Kind of weird, my GT briefly misfired tonight on cylinders 2 and 4 and during a short 3rd gear pull on the highway tonight coming home from work. Car has just over 4500 miles on it, no mods other than suspension and a Roush axleback. I live in Orlando, Florida and it was one of the first relatively cold evenings... about 50 degrees outside. I was cruising at about 60 MPH and downshifted softly to 3rd, floored it to see how she would like the cooler weather, about 500 rpm shy of redline I let off pretty abruptly and it stuttered and the SES light came on. for the next mile it would shutter and misfire so I just cruised to the next exit. Before I even got there it was if it had reset itself and the SES light went away, no more misfiring. When I stopped I hooked up my bluetooth OBD2 adapter and read the codes with Torque on my phone. It showed Cylinder 2 and 4 misfire pending.

This whole experience brings back nightmares that I had with my 335i misfiring under added boost.... I had to replace plugs, a coilpack, and an injector to solve that issue... I hope this was just a nonevent or a hiccup caused by the change in temperature or something....
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These cars do weird things lol. My 13 GT had case not learned CEL under history. I would have never known if I never decided to check for my fault codes.
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