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2013 5.0 brief misfire on cylinders 2 and 4?

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Kind of weird, my GT briefly misfired tonight on cylinders 2 and 4 and during a short 3rd gear pull on the highway tonight coming home from work. Car has just over 4500 miles on it, no mods other than suspension and a Roush axleback. I live in Orlando, Florida and it was one of the first relatively cold evenings... about 50 degrees outside. I was cruising at about 60 MPH and downshifted softly to 3rd, floored it to see how she would like the cooler weather, about 500 rpm shy of redline I let off pretty abruptly and it stuttered and the SES light came on. for the next mile it would shutter and misfire so I just cruised to the next exit. Before I even got there it was if it had reset itself and the SES light went away, no more misfiring. When I stopped I hooked up my bluetooth OBD2 adapter and read the codes with Torque on my phone. It showed Cylinder 2 and 4 misfire pending.

This whole experience brings back nightmares that I had with my 335i misfiring under added boost.... I had to replace plugs, a coilpack, and an injector to solve that issue... I hope this was just a nonevent or a hiccup caused by the change in temperature or something....
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Dude i had the same problem but it shows that #8 cylinder is misfiring i had to change a whole set of cylinders and pistans including crank pistan !!
By searching i founded that the problem is the air flow of the car ford has designed the worst exhaust system ever which caused that problem
The air flow comes back to the ingine and damage anything
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