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2013 Mustang GT Flowmaster Outlaw Catback + Headers + Midpipe

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Hi all, Im still fairly new to modifications and I dont know if this question has been asked before or not but here it is anyways.

I currently have the Flowmaster Outlaw Cat back exhaust on my 2013 Mustang GT and planning on installing headers and mid pipes (or whatever other parts are left to have a full aftermarket exhaust system).

Im leaning towards the American Racing Headers Long Tube Headers 1-3/4" With Catted H-Pipe 3" Stainless Steel as Ive heard good reviews about them and that they make a low rumbley sound in contrast to a raspy one.

Will these parts fit together? Or does the Flowmaster Outlaw Cat back already come with the X-pipe? if so what is the part between the X-pipe and the headers that have the stock catalytic converters?
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Wrong Section..this is the 4.6L section for 96-04 2Vs.

I would think though you can get any setup to work, it will just take some welding and what exhaust shop will be able to fab anything up to your current cat-back...

the part between the manifolds and cat-back is called the Mid-pipe....
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