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2014 Mustang GT Axle Back Swap

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Mostly a vent thread... I would love to find the Ford engineer that thought it was a great idea to put a muffler mounting bracket bolt between the muffler and the frame rail. Dear Lord....

On a different note, I went with the Steeda axle-backs and love the new sound. Great quality, too.
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LOL! Why do you think ratcheting wrenches were invented....wrenchin.gif
Very true! For some reason, because of how the edge of the bracket was curved down, I couldn't get anything on the damn bolts. I took the easy route: cut-off disks to the muffler hangers... I wasn't going to keep the stock axle-backs anyway. :p
I just loosened the axle back clamp, then pushed the muffler all the way to the rear (towards the back bumper). That exposed the upper hanger mounting bolts and I was able to remove them with a regular socket.
I didn't even unbolt the hangers. I just loosened the axleback from the over the axle pipes, sprayed some WD-40 on the hangers and slid them off. The passenger side was a pain to get back in, but I got it.
I didn't think about shoving the mufflers forward.... that's a good idea if I ever attempt to change them again (which I hope I won't, but just in case). Thanks for the tips guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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