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2014 Mustang, Help with getting a new Front Bumper?

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This morning my sister backed into my 2014 V6 and cracked the front bumper and broke the grill. Took it to a couple of Body shops and they all said I need a new front bumper. On top of that, the right headlight plastic outer piece is cracked. Trying to look on the bright side of life, I'm thinking if I have to replace the front end, might as well make it badass - so here is what I need advice / help with.

I need to order a new bumper cover. Saleen has a take-off 2011 GT front bumper in my color that I think looks sweet. I know it's different, but would it fit on my 2014? Or would I need to replace other things?

Otherwise, if I was to replace it with a 2013-2014 front bumper from Ford, is there any difference between the GT front bumper and the V6 front bumper?

Thanks for your help.
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You might want to check out this company.

OEM Parts & OEM Wheels - Original Equipment Parts from NewTakeOff

I used them on my 2006 GT. The rear bumper cover they sold me matched perfectly and not a scratch on it.
Just get new and have the insurance pay for it end of story. Id be pissed.
get the Shelby type front bumper- Fogs lights are different..
If you get a 2010-2012 bumper cover, you will also need a new grille, a new hood, and all the fasteners and attaching pieces that are specific to the 2010-12 cars..

It will be cheaper to just get the 2013-14 parts.
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