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2014 Mustang Track Pack/Brembo wheel size?

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I have a 2006 Mustang Gt with stock premium package 17"s. I am looking at purchasing new rims in order to mount wider tires.

1. Does anybody know what the dimensions are for the 2014 Mustang Track Pack/Brembo wheel size?

2. Will the 2014 Mustang Track Pack/Brembo wheels fit a 2006 Mustang GT without additional parts?

3. What is the largest tire I could safely mount on the 2014 Mustang Track Pack/Brembo wheels without uneven wear or bulging?

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1) 19 x 9
2) yes
3) look up the tires, then look for recommended wheel width. I'm pretty sure 265 or 275 is maximum tire width that will have 9" wheel recommended

Thanks for the quick info. Looks like using an online tire shop recommendation for that car the max is 275/40/19. That is much better than the 255's I can fit on the 06 GT premium 17" rims, but not quite where I want to be... I plan to mod this car over time and go either turbo or s/c so I would need somewhere around 295-315's...


Well again thanks.
One other thing.

"The post said without TPMS included." So to get the TPMS is that considered a TPMS rebuild kit or something else? How much would it be to get all 4 sensors? Any recommend place?

Also from what I read apparently the 2006 Mustang GT's don't have a TPMS system. It started on the 07 and up Mustangs. Does anybody know if this is true? I would hate to hear and see the light all the time.

If I have it my plan would be to take the TPMS system out of the stock rims before storing them in the garage or selling them... (If I don't have it I am just going to leave tires on rims...

I plan to go with a set of 18x10 with a 43mm offset Forgester F14s or APEX wheels to run 295s all of the way around. They're lighter and wider than the track pack wheels, and will squeeze in a square setup. Good luck with whatever combination you choose!
295s all the way around? Whoa.

Yeah I am thinking about staggering/offset for me. Also thinking about 18's in the front and 19's in the back. Just don't know how hard it will be to calibrate for that.
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