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2015 Best Snow/Winter Tires?

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Hi all,
It looks like my little '07 v6 pony may have to play in the snow once in a while, so I am asking for recommendations for best currently available snow tires, tires to avoid, and should I get 2 tires or all 4?
I have looked at old posts but would like to hear from 'Stang owners with recent snow tire purchases who have already driven in snow this winter. If anyone knows of a recent snow tire thread, could you please provide a link?
Thanks in advance.
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For my money and New England winters, 4 real snow tires are what I need ; I really don't much care what brand. The "best" might be a little better than the "not best" snow tires, but any real winter tire is way better than all seasons or summer tires.

But, I generally hear that the Michelin X-Ice and Blizzaks (Bridgestone?) are some of the best.

More important is that you have 4, and they are not too wide. I'd go with 215 or 225 width max, in whatever aspect ratio makes them just a little taller than your summer tires. Remember it doesn't do you much good to be able to get the car moving (rear snow tires) if you can't stop it or make it go around a corner (front snow tires).
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I agree with what JBert said. Four tires are better than two. I personally like the firestone winterforce tires, i have never had a problem with them though they are a little loud but they grip the snow and ice like glue. studded or not, they will most likely be louder than a nice smooth summer tire and you will see increased fuel consumption. Narrow is right, you want to cut your way through the snow instead of ride on top. I like 205s for that.
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