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2015 GT seat squeak?

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Just asking if anyone else has this issue or had it and have a solution.
I have 2,500 miles on my 2015 GT with cloth seats. The right side bolster on the drivers seat squeaks every time I move in the seat. It's doubly difficult when you have a 6 speed and you're constantly moving in the seat when shifting. I was going to have the dealer look into it when it goes in for an oil change but just curious if anyone else has run into this issue.
It seems to be rubbing on the center console plastic where the shift lever and cup holders are located. If I wedge my wallet between the seat bolster and center console it stops.

Thanks for reading.

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Yeah same as above. I have leather But there is cloth on the side that hits the plastic. I have not heard that noise you describe. But I do get a squeak kind of a sound from the driver tweeter some times. Very annoying.
Seat squeak fixed by Town and Country Ford today...just needed some lubricant...and we all know that solves so many problems-:wink:

I also had them throw on new Roush heat extractors, winglets and Roush Axel back exhaust---WOO HOO...So happy!!!
Yes, I realize
The car is parked out here at work and is dirty...gotta clean her up first.
Awesome good to hear. Did you have all the roush stuff painted too? I want to see what the side rocket wings look like.

I finally blacked out all emblems and smoked out every light/reflector on the car. I too will get pictures this weekend sometime after I get her washed.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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