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2015 intake different than 2011?

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I believe the 15 upper mani is a bit different than the 11 right? something to do with revised runner length and charge motion control valves or something my question is...

would the 15 mani bolt on to the 11 and would there be any HP benefit from doing the swap?
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I am wondering this same thing. If it would be a direct swap and only need a new tune, I am in.
The 2015 intake manifold is different and the CMCVs are built into the runners. I highly doubt the 2011-2014 ecm has the ability to control them either.

This question came up a couple weeks ago and apparently BAMA stuck a Boss 302 intake on a 2015 engine. So, the intake manifolds probably are interchangeable. But that doesn't mean a 2015 manifold would work well on the older engine. That depends on port size and shape between the different cylinder heads and intake manifolds.
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yeah I saw the boss mani test on the 15 and that's what got me thinking...

the 15 intake would definitely fit under the hood but would the ports match up.

maybe bama could chime in and test it out.

or if someone wants to send me a 15 intake manifold....
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