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2015 to 2014 Brakes

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Hello everyone.
Does anyone know what the rotor hat height is on the M-2300-T rotors or the 2 piece replacement rotors?
I have a set of 6 piston Brembos and rotors from a 2015 performance pack car. The Calipers bolt on just fine over my stock GT rotors. The 2015 rotors are set back 15mm more than the 2014 rotors. This causes the 2015 rotors to touch the tie rods and it will not allow the calipers to bolt on to the spindles.
I have taken all of the measurements and I shimmed the 2015 rotors outward the necessary 15mm to make sure the calipers still work/bolt on as they should and they do. I have some pictures on my phone but don't have them uploaded yet.
I don't want to drop the coin on a set of rotors that do not allow these calipers to slide on and bolt up.
I know someone some where at one of the online retailers has tried this and they are just not telling. I have called all of them and asked!
I have also not gotten any response from several of the racing teams that sell parts from their online stores.
Anyone ?
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Why not just sell that 2015 Brembo setup and buy something designed to fit your car?
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