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2016 gt fuel pump code, 4th fuel pump

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We are on our 4th fuel pump in 10 days. Car quit and was giving a fuel pump code. Put new pump in and it started right up. Drove it home 30 miles and car wouldn’t start the next day. Read fuel pump code again, thought we bought bad pump. Did this 2 more times. Car started every time and only lasted for 1 time driving. Took car to shop and they said we needed motor craft pump so they put it in. Car got me home. That’s it. Car hasn’t started in days. I put car back to stock tune (had a Bama plug and play tune) car started right up. Drove it for about 15 minutes. Parked it. Waited a few hours, car started right up then stalled out after sitting idle for less than 2 minutes. Help! I have never used forum before.
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It would be helpful for you if you posted the code that your scanner showed.
There is no trouble code that says that your fuel pump needs to be replaced and there is no such thing as a fuel pump code. There are fuel circuit codes but they don't tell you that any particular part needs to be replaced. They tell you that there's a problem in a certain circuit.
Clearly your fuel pump isn't the problem here and you have some other intermittent issue. I would guess that the FPDM, relay, FPS, wiring or connectors between any of these, or in rare cases the PCM is the issue.
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CJ I believe has good start place about codes and may not be pump itself. Only thing I gathered:

1) Seems to make no difference with stock or modified parameters.
2) Are both banks showing “running too lean” which might make pump look like fault?
3) Does anyone know where “genuine Ford parts” are actually made (fine print now).
4) Go out on limb and say not the PUMP also. However if circuit is attempting to complete GROUND other than frame bond via 2ndary circuits- pump will do exactly what it is doing. No positive + potential in fuel tank… everything runs on grounded circuit connections.
5) Perhaps main frame (unibody) ground isn’t good at battery end?
6) Villian can likely be throttle position sensor or throttle body itself? Didn’t put on one of those 4” CAI intakes- could bring on lean and stall condition.

Just my own observations, and it’s SweetFlea not SweetPea lmao…

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