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2018 GT Screen went blank. What else should I do...?

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Hello all

My screen went out on my 2018 GT Premium. Sounds like it is the APIM. Is there a trusted source other than the dealership to get a replacement module? While I have things taken apart, are there any other recommended upgrades I should perform while doing this?

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What screen exactly?
Have you scanned the car for codes?
This car should still be under warranty unless it was a very early year model.
My apologies I should’ve included that information, my Ford sync screen, the radio, climate control…
No I haven’t checked for codes. But that’s a good idea. I will do so.
I’m outside the warranty mileage unfortunately
I guess that screen is not considered part of the "drivetrain" longer warranty, eh? that's too bad ... might be worth checking with the dealer on that anyway

other than that, sorry, I got nuthin
I appreciate the input. I can check with the dealership. But are you saying this could be covered outside of the 60k mile warranty?
I haven't read the current warranty, it might have changed ... but on my 2010, the original warranty was something like "30,000 miles bumper-to-bumper; 50,000 miles drivetrain"

so I assumed you were talking about the lower bumper-to-bumper number, and I thought you might be still within the powertrain warranty
Oh ok. Yea I’m at the higher one. But I appreciate the info

As JBert said that won't be covered under the powertrain warranty. If it was the instrument cluster screen then it probably would have been. Extended warranties sometimes come in handy and in this case it would have. If it's a module problem it can get expensive.
Scan the car for codes with a good scanner. It will say if there's any communication errors. Also, check the relevant fuses. The owner's manual will tell you what fuse does what.
Thank you.
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