Want the 800+ horsepower that Dodge is offering in the Demon, but don't want to drive a Challenger? Or maybe they're just all sold out already? MAK Performance has your answerwiththis 846 hp 2018 Ford Mustang.

So how do you nearly double the power level of a car that's only been on sale for a few weeks? Boost, of course. Lots and lots of boosts--and alcohol.

See MAK Performance's old Mustang made 656 hp and ran 10-second quarter miles, but horsepower levels in the 600s just aren't impressive anymore. Their 2018 Mustang used a ProCharger supercharger, 47 lb/hr injectors, and a mix of 93 and 100-octane gas.

The extra 200 hp comes from E85. Lots and lots of E85. They more than doubled injector size, running DeatschWerks 1,000 cc fuel injectors with an upgraded fuel pump to match.

With 10-psi of boost for the 5.0L V8 and some changes in tuning, the car made 846 hp at 7,400 rpm and 598 lb-ft of torque to go with it.

The car hasn't made it back to the drag strip yet, but it's going to be quick.