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2019 ford mustang gt fuel leaking out of exhaust. No start

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I got a 2019 mustang bullitt and last night I tried to start it to take it on a drive and car was running fine last weekend when I drove it but tonight it would only turn over and would not fire and after a few tries trying to start it it poured fuel out of the passenger side header and help w
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If it still has the original untouched factory tune in it then call for your free Ford provided tow and have it fixed under warranty. You have a 5 year powertrain warranty.
sounds like something is cutting the spark/ignition but yeah the dealer should fix it under warranty (unless there is more to this story, such as modifications)
Describes an ejector bleeding down.
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Confused. Is it leaking out the exhaust at the rear of the car or from the header under the hood? If the latter, you’ve got more than one problem there. If the former, have you verified it’s not water? I find it surprising that there would be a big enough gas leak to reach all the way to the tail pipe! This implies the catalyst, resonator and muffler are already full of gas.

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It very well could be a fuel rail leaking and weeping down the the back of the exhaust manifold.

OP: A picture would sure help
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