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20x7.5 to skinny for traction?

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Will i have a decent amount of traction off the line? Or maybe look into somthing more wider ?
The only reason Im asking is because i found a post for 4 with tires for 175
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in my opinion...that's far too skinny. traction of the line won't be good. i have the gt500 9.5" rears and i can still easily break the back end loose, on a stock engine. I think those are probably smaller then the factory rims and not a good choice.
I run 20x9 on the front and 20x10 on the rear. Running 255/35/20 on the front and 305/35/20 on the rear and it still smokes them. The more rubber the better!
Okay no deal I'll keep looking for some rims thanks for the input!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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