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225 60/50 15 Tires

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I apologize for the unusual phrasing of the Title of this thread, but does anyone have pictures of a 65 or 66 with either 225 60 15 tires or 225 50 15 tires on Torque Thrust Ds? I'd prefer 225 60s, but am not sure they'd fit. Thanks for your help!

/s/ Chris Kennedy
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Here is a wheel tire guide from Dodgestang. Your answers are here for wheel/tire size combos Fitment Guide 65-6.pdf

Good Luck and Be Safe
Many thanks once again! I also had fun watching your "first start-up" video. The first time you start a formerly dead or nearly dead car is always a magnificent moment----such a feeling of vindication and power! /s/ Chris :bigthumbsup
I've got 225/60/15 on my '67 and had to roll my fenders with mideye 4 1/2 leafs, tire tread sits level with fender lip. The bulge of the tire just scraped before rolling and clears now. I think if I would have gone with 215 they may have just cleared w/o rolling? My TT D's are 3.75" bs.
Hope this helps some, I think you have less fender space in '66 than '67.
Thanks---your car looks fabulous; just the look I want. :shiny:
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