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255lph Fuel pump, Where to buy and how much

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I need a 255lph hi flow fuel pump for when I get my Procharger. But I need one that will fit a 2002 and I want one that will be reliable and what not for a long time. I havent been able to find one that will fit my car. And also if possible, not that god awful expensive. Thanx
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Summit Racing has a in tank pump

Vortech In-Tank Mustang Fuel Pumps
Fuel Pump, Electric, 255 lph, In-Tank, Ford, Mustang, Each for $143.95..
This is the ticket: I have the 255 lph high pressure in my stang. Its a little noisey but it flows like mad... It cost $106 shipped.
You can use the Focus SVT pump, about $125
If you want quality and reliability...........get a Weldon fuel pump. My Aeromotive 1000 (external) (I know your internal), just crapped out and died wed. So I was looking around and my shop guy here in Arlington said if I want something that will last and can take the power I need a Weldon pump............
If your supercharging and want serious power for your $ you spent, you might consider a returnable fuel system so you can run an external pump and get higher psi (fuel), boost, and timing.
What it takes...
New 5.0 gas tank 60$ used.
Fuel lines (non braded preferred) $ expensive...200+$ 8n-to engine, 6an return to tank, 10an to pump from tank.
Weldon EXT. pump...350-700$
F-Pres regulator. $?
Fuel rails -200$
I've been told that my setup with the bigger feed and high pressure 255 lph will support 500+ horse to the tires. Is this an accurate estimate?
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