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289, ac vac prob on a 68

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PROGRESS?!!!!!!!! Ok, used a hose to test the "motors" under the dash that work the ac doors. (The rpms determine where the ac air comes from-the dash vents or the floor...SUCKS!) So as i tested the 4 (see vac schematics) they 3 held when I sucked and when I blew they all didnt appear to have leaks...but then i got to the one to the far right..the "outside recirc door motor"...IT DIDNT HOLD WHEN I SUCKED AND WHEN I BLEW IT SOUNDED LIKE AIR WAS ESCAPING! COULD THIS FINALLY BE MY PROB?! I cant find any leaks in any hoses or vac can...can someone tell me if the one on the right may be the culprit afterall??? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
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please advise. Where can i get one of these vac "motors" for the ac thats under the dash. The one i see in npd doesnt look like the one to the right of the dash yet thats the only one they sell. are they infact interchangeable? Thanks
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