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But how do you figure out the bore? Is it the bore of the engine, or the bore you do? Say in this case .30x.30x.7854x2.83x8?
No. it's the total cylinder bore. My engine's bores have been bored out due to wear over years. Therefore, the current bore is 4.040. So, you start with the factory bore and add whatever clean-up was performed to make it serviceable. Point 020, .030, or even .040 is not unusual.
So, for stock 289: it's 4.00 X 4.00 X 2.87 X.7854 X 8 etc.
In my case, I'm over-bored and stroked (longer crank throw), 4.040 X 4.040 X .7854 X 8 = 333.293
Hope this clears it up.
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