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2nd time at the track

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and as a disclaimer, bullitt i don't want to hear your shenanigans of running with me with a stock (powerwise) motor.

ok so now that that's out of the way...

2nd time at the track ever, about 70 degrees and a pretty well prepped track. i had about 3/4 of a tank of gas, removed the spare and jack, and have a full interior. my tires are 275 BFG Gforce sports (regular street tires) spinning them just to clean them off for a few seconds. last time i ran at the track, my best was like a 13.8 at 112 spinning like crazy getting a 60' of like 2.4-2.5. i also did some bracket racing which was a blast, but i red lighted first round :rollgrin:. here are my runs of the night:

1st run:
60': 2.172
1.4: 13.05 @113.05

2nd run (my best):
r/t: .241
60': 2.088
330: 5.657
1/8: 8.461
MPH: 89.73
1000: 10.835
1/4: 12.820
MPH: 114.03

3rd run:
60': 2.182
1/4: 13.073 @ 112.73

4th run:
60': 2.186
1/4: 12.995 @ 112.52

5th run:
60': 2.094
1/4: 12.870 @ 113.35

6th run (cold and wet at this point):
60': 2.244
1.4: 13.282 @ 112.98

so not too bad IMO. i'm looking to break 12.5 by the end of the summer on street tires. we'll see how that goes. mod list is in my profile.
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Hey those are some very impressive numbers. Great driving good luck in achieving 12.5 :bigthumbsup
Not bad, mello. What was the density altitude?
At this time of year, the DA is typically pretty high. Still making decent power as indicated by the MPH.

Mell0, I wouldn't give you too much hell, because on street tires, you'd kill me........:bigthumbsup The only reason I was running 12's was because I could launch at 4500-5000rpm slipping the clutch. Just look at your MPH compared to mine. There's a huge difference. Your car has low 12's in it on drag radials and a nice cool, dense night.

Here's what our race would look like from the announcer's point of view:

"Did the red car fall asleep at the tree?"
"Green Mustang's about 3 cars out at the 60"
"Red Mustang's gaining, is he going to catch him?"
"He caught him"
"Now that's a drag race"

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mello man that must be a blast running your car at the strip with that procharger. 12's must feel nice lol i was griiiinding to get in the 13's. it won't be too long until you do those 12.5's man
Nice job man, Im sure you will def hit low 12's before long.
Excellent runs on street tires, good luck with the low 12's...:cooldude:
Good job man but you need to get ya some DR soooooon lol:bigthumbsup
sweet dude :bigthumbsup

like bullitt said drag radials will make your runs much better cant wait to see your times with them.

I still want to hit the track but I cant seem to find the time :shrug
hey guys thanks. sorry i was in NYC all day (left at 7am and just got back 10 minutes ago).

but yeah, unfortunately i can't invest in slicks or DRs any time soon. this summer at least. i like to be proactive with things, and would build my rear end before i got sticky tires. andddd DRs don't do well in the rain, nevermind slicks, and i daily drive my car in the rain quite frequently. i would LOVE to get this to 12.5 on street tires. i would feel pretty accomplished if i could do that, and considering last night was my 2nd night ever at the track, i feel like i could definitely squeeze .3 more out of there with more practice.
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ok so i just ordered my raptor 2 stage shift light from CJ's pony parts, so that should help with my launching and shifts. i definitely think i can shave off .3 with that, plus i'll be shedding some weight, dropping my stock GT heavy a$$ power seats for some lightweight corbeau seats and brackets.
Nice runs mell0, I need to get my car to the track and see how she does now that I got my V2 installed. Feels very nice:hihi: I predict 2.2+ 60 foot times with my ride. I need to work on the suspension now lol
nicee. glad you went with a centri. is it intercooled?
Yeah, it's a custom FMI. I'll post pics when I get back home.
nice numbers man
real nice times launching on street tires is a pita i know lol
real nice times launching on street tires is a pita i know lol
thanks man. it isn't too bad if you are patient with it.
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