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3.35 vs 2.95 t5 with inline 6?

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Putting my shopping list together for my t5 swap for my 1966 inline 6. Found a rebuilt with 3.35 for 700 less than a new one with 2.95 first. What works well with my rear end ? I have the stock 4 lug 7" rear. I want to swap to 8" in the near future. What would you guys suggest?

Also what shifters work well? I love short throws, but obviously they're kinda far from your reach. I have long arms so can do a little bit shorter. Just hate how far my gears are now and want a shorter spread when I upgrade. Someone said pro50? Open to ideas!
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might want to consider your speed at rpm. with my galaxie when it had 3.00 or so flat in the rear the t5 would have made the car do 100 at 2500 rpm or something like that. needless to say I went with 4.11 gears. id go at least 3.73 with your rear depending on your tire size and possibly 3.55 if you drive a lot of interstate.

this speed calculator should really help you determine your rear gears.
Ford Mustang: Mustang Tech: Calculators & Decoders: RPM Calculator
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I did the T5Z swap a few years ago in Christine. I upgraded to the Pro 5.0 shifter before putting the tranny in as the stock shifter I have read is vague. Rather than use the short shifter handle that came with it I picked up an old Hurst shifter handle at a swap meet for $10. The Pro 5.0 shifts like a dream.
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Collin, remember advice is worth what you pay for it and everyone has an opinion (kinda like an appendix). Here's mine.
Buy the 3.35 T-5. Bank the $700. Shop the swapmeet or local Pick-Part (whatever they call it in Atlanta) for an 8" rear axle and then use the $700 to buy a good gearset; that would be at MINIMUM a 3.50/3.55 and I'm leaning towards a 3.73. Gearhead is absolutely right, you must look at the finished package re: max rpm v top speed. Good package would probably be around [email protected], that'll give you a real kick off the line, also.

Disclaimer: this is MY OPINION only, there may be other, better informed members to reply to your inquiry.
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I have a 4cyl T5 and 8" rear with 3.00 gears on 14" tires. The 3.35 first gear has enough get up and go but I have to shift fairly quickly into second because of the gearing. I would guess if I had a rear end gear 3.55, 3.73, or 4.11 first gear would become unusable.
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