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3/4" Rear Sway Bar Opinions

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Hey all,

I am contemplating a 3/4" rear sway bar. I have on the '65 subframe connectors, a 1 inch front sway bar, gas a just shocks all around, 1 inch 620# lowering springs up front and 1 inch lowering leafs in the back, etc. I am hoping for your opinions on running a rear sway bar on a car that is driven only on weekends (not a daily driver at all), I dont care much about stiffness just fun, sometimes I take the car to the canyons, and I am looking for more performance and stability in the rear end. What do you all think?

I have heard that a rear bar can induce oversteer but if the front and rear are matched (like 1 inch up front 3/4" in the back) it works out nicely.

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I completely understand and I think the rear bar will work well in my setup and I need some more stiffness to counteract body roll and add some stability. I wanted to see what you guys thought and thanks for the response.
Awesome! Good to know and thanks for the response.

My front end is the stiffest (1 inch sway bar, 620# 1 inch lowering sprigs, KYB Gas a just, poly bushings, refurbished everything, etc) but my rear end feels loose and rolls more than the front does. So I was looking at a sway bar primarily to help with overall stability of the rear end and to aid with handling. Now, my rear end is not worn out or anything, the leafs are in great shape, just changed out the bushings for the leafs for polys, the car has subframe connectors and KYB gas a just in the rear as well, and the rear has been lowered 1 inch. I dont drive the car in autocross or drag racing but I do like to have some fun with it and it sees some canyons by the beach. I am just trying to get the record straight on rear bars unless there really isn't a definite answer lol.

I think in my case, the front handles much much better than the rear. The front end has had the most work done to it, and I am looking into a rear sway bar due to the fact that I feel the rear rolling more than the front. Also, the rear end feels loose (old car, I know) and was hoping that a rear bar would help with stability. I have basically read that installing a 1 inch sway bar with a 5/8-3/4" rear bar will balance the car out, any word on this? I have also heard that an overly large rear bar, or an upgraded rear bar with a stock front bar will induce snap oversteer. I dont autocross the car I am just looking for a way to stabilize the rear end just a little more without going to a Watts link or panhard bar.

Also, if I do this rear sway bar, I was looking into the Addco one: I have seen the other ones that go straight up and straight across the axle, this one seems to mount to the frame rails and is fitted to the shape of the rear axle with plenty of clearance for my dual exhausts. Is this the one you are referring to? Thanks.
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In terms of tires, the car has 15x7 inch wheels with 225 width up front and 235 width in the back. I could probably go bigger in terms of rim size and that will help with grip.

At the moment the car doesn't oversteer much in fact it handles pretty well but the rear end needs something, it just feels loose...and I was assuming its a rear sway bar. I guess in the end what I will do, is take all your guy's advice and keep it in mind but I will try the rear sway bar and then see if it is what I want. I might like the way it drives I might hate it. Either way I think I just have to try for myself and I appreciate all the responses. Thanks again.

I understand, and I think I am more in the mind set of expecting responsiveness and overall help to stability (looseness and such) than fixing major steering problems (because there really isnt one other than it is an old car, although it has been improved a lot). Thanks again.
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