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3.73 brake in period

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So Wednesday I got my 3.37 put on (for 250 :D) and the head of the shop told me that i needed to wait 300 miles before beating it and then at 700 miles change the gear oil. From what I have read I should wait 500 miles before beating it, does it really make a difference between the 200 miles and do i need a gear oil change ?
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Not sure about changing the gear oil but I waited about 300 miles before romping on it and its been fine since.
The break-in interval the guy told you is fine.

Changing the oil after that distance gets whatever metal particles from the break-in and wear pattern establishment out of the axle.
thanks you guys :bigthumbsup
Is that a normal price to get the gears changed. I went to a shop that said to get the 3.73 change it would cost me 800.00 which immediately made me cross that off my list. But 250.00 I would definatley do.
250 + 150+ for the gears I think he meant.

I paid over $700 for the gears and install at Sutton Ford HP and they told me there was NO break in period. I waited about 2 miles before flooring it and I've had zero issues.:winks

BTW I would have paid the $800 and still have been happy, they're incredible.:bigthumbsup
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ya 140 for ford racing gears pluss 250 for instal. i took it to north florida off road, great guys one of our small customers
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