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3.73 Or 4.10 For My 2005 Mustang GT

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I am debating on a few mods for my newly owned Mustang GT. It has a BBK Cold Air Intake and SLP Axle-Back EXhaust at the moment. I am considering getting a full SLP exhaust system. along with a TB, Pullies, etc.
I just want your opinion on what you think i should do, to SLIGHTLY mod my car. I just need some more ideas, and want some other Mustang Finatics' opinions. Oh, and another question i had, was are Mustang tunes' safe? are they reliable?
I have had my fair share of chips for diesel trucks and etc and etc. I hear the same story, and i do not want anything to go wrong, especially dealing with my Mustang.
Thank you for any advise, I am greatly looking forward to all your opinions!
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The 05-09 come with the X and H Pipes, not the Y. Alright i was thinking upon the X-Pipe with Longtubes, A bigger Throttle Body, with the 3.73 Gears (Because it's my daily driver),
Thanks. I'm still a little nieve about the Tunes but i will consider it. I think that since i have a CAI i should get a 75MM TB (I think that's that size) so it can breathe and get more air flow.
Again, Thank you both for the help. I've got a few more ideas and thoughts for it now.:bigthumbsup
Haha, Gas Mileage has alot to do witht the right foot :p
I do not really care about gas mileage, if i was concerned i would have bought something else. :)
Thanks Jim.:bigthumbsup
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