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3.7L Braided Engine Hose Dress Up Kits Out There Anywhere?

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Perhaps I'm several decades behind the times on this one, but I'd like to dress up my engine bay with braided hoses.

I've been searching the web but it appears no one makes braided hose kits (steel, carbon fiber, or otherwise) specifically for the 2011+ 3.7L Mustang.

Are those universal kits on eBay any good? Are they too ghetto or can they be made to look really nice if someone is careful?

Would braided hoses/hose covers be a problem in a place that already bakes miserably in the summer?

I'd just like to spruce up the engine bay a bit but an oil cap here and a T-handle there seems like too little reward.

If I had the time and another vehicle I'd take the valve covers and other parts in to get powder coated but that's out of the question right now.
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There are a few local places that carry pretty decent looking kits but I don't know if they'll fit well in terms of circumference, though I suppose the steel mesh flexes a bit.

I suppose I could measure the circumference of my hoses and calculate the diameter so I can compare them to what's out there.

The way things are going, I almost doubt there will be any appreciable demand for 3.7L kits, at least not for a very, very long time. I have found limited kits for the previous generation 4.0's, so you never can tell.

Meanwhile, I might just monkey with some universals. It'll give me a little more fun while I'm saving money for a driveshaft and new wheels/tires.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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