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3.90 gears?

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I have seen a 3.90 gear ratio on is anybody out there using this ratio? if so feedback please... im thinking of installing these or 4.10s on my manual 06 gt. i drive an average of 25-30 miles a day. 50% highway 50% city.
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4:10 for $1300.00

my ford dealer performance guy quoted me $1300.00 for a 4:10 install, that sounds pretty good, fully warranted etc.....

anyone pay more..less? he says 4:10 is a good tweener gear set up, more pocket zoom with some top end..

alright I get only concern is I want it done right and I want it under warrenty...also I have to check, since I bought the service package they may negate my mant. contract. I can't even get an oil change by a third party..which is fine with me since I paid for it all up front and they have a great reputation etc...but I will get back to him and find out what the deal is regards cost..I am sure the labor cost is always is...

Fleg said:
crfalzon, you need to read up on the Magnesson Moss act.
thanx Fleg appreciate the info....
I just googled and read some subscripts of the M&M act...

its v a volvo blurb but I have read from other sites pretty much the same thing...

HOWEVER, yea there's a however, this maintainance contract is above and beyond bumper to bumper that came with the car gratis...this contract is a seperate deal..for 2000.00 up front they do ALL servicing, (with rental for the day)that means no labor, no parts for all ....every 5000 mile maint. belts, filters, thermostat., windshield wipers, transmission tune up, rotation, washer fluid etc etc...up to 50K miles.....

the performance guy told me if I install a torque convertor and my traini gets jacked the inspectors will ding me...will an independant shop cover it? doubt it....the rear end? he says any wear or tear they can "track" to a higher perfomance gear COULD void the coverage.....I know its a lot of dealer BS..but, I have to consider that...they have lawyers on stand by ..I don't..:winks

I might just have to forgoe the convertor and settle for the 4:10, in which I wll take the advice offered and get it done at apex.... ..a perfomance shop in norcal with a great rep.
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