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Note: this is when I still had 3.08 gears, not 3.73s like now ...
So a few weeks ago, I had just finished swapping out my e-cam for a Trick Flow Stage 2, and was out on rt. 29 showing my friend in the passenger seat that it was pulling a little harder, and higher. Out of the corner of my eye I notice a car commin up quick, and keep my eye on it. It turns out to be a silver acura CL (2 door), v6, with like 3 ppl in it, and he hits it past me. I turn to my friend and we both laugh, then begin pursuit. He turns off at an exit for 198, and I follow him, i get up next to him, and we get to about 40 mph and he rolls down his window, so my friend lowers his, and the guy says lets go from the light, so I say alright, and i start to slow down by downshifting, and we are cruising a bit up to the light. I get to about 35-40 and im in 3rd, and we are almost at the light and he hits the gas a bit, then I look over at him like wtf? cause im still slowing down, we go thru the light and I say "ok i guess not ... i thought we were stopping ..." and then he guns it, so i hit the clutch, rev it up some, and pull to second, and i get no traction as the MSD rev limited is hittin 6000 rpm, and im spinnin tires in 2nd ... and he starts to pull. Then, the tires grip, and i start to catch up as the rpms go to about 5k and start to come back up to 6k. By the time I hit 3rd, im pulling, and pullin hard. by about 4k in 3rd im ahead by like 3 car lengths, so i hit 4th, and coast. he flies past me, so i get back into 3rd and hit it again, hit 4th, and im next to him and pulling. we get up to the next light and i go to turn left (to turn around) and he is already all the way to the right turnin around. I reach my hand out the window and wave to acknolwedge his (not) decent attempt.

after i turn around, i get back down 198 ot rt 29 to get back home. I see a 240sx and am like O NICE cause it still has the stock exhaust on and all. so i get up near him, and im in the left lane, middle is empty, and hes in the right. my friend goes "o sh*t" as the 240 hits it because it gets loud, real loud, so i hit it in 4th and get up near him. we are doin about 50 now. i see him look over, and i do the 3 honks, and we are off. I pull down to 2nd and he is hangin right there. (keep in mind i still baby my tranny cause its a DD, not a race car, so i shift slow). I hit 3rd, and he is 1/4 length in front of me, and then he shifts and im 1/4 length in front of him, by the time i hit the top of 3rd, he is still right there, so i pull into 4th, and start to pull, but just hardly. at this point im like @[email protected] wtf?! we slow down for traffic, and he gets up next to me and is like "hey man, great race! what do you have in there? ive never lost to a mustang! i thought i would have killed you!" so im like @[email protected] wtf?! and i tell him i have a 342 stroker, and i ask what he has, and its a SR20 swap (turbo 240sx motor) and he says its stock boost still. So i follow him thru some more traffic and we fool around a bit, with me barely edging him out a few more times, and i follow him to another light after some turns off of 29, and we talked for a bit and he again said my car was nice, and he was impressed, and i was like :cool: yea thanks. so besides the fact i was happy i won, i got mad that i barely won vs what is supposed to be a 250hp turbo 4. so if ur in MD, watch out for a stock lookin white 240sx with a stock looking exhaust (but its really an open exhaust) and it wasnt the first time, since the same thign had happened a week before vs. some punk in a saab. a newer 250 hp turbo 4 banger pulled on my at 30-40, and then i pulled on him to about 100. all i could figure was that those 4 bangers have a 4.08 axle ratio, and i was still runnin the 3.08 ... but its all good now with the 3.73s (night and day difference indeed =) )

o yea, and a few months ago, this summer, when i still had the ecam, comin home from rockville, some gangster lookin dude was tryin to impress his girl in a 300c hemi. it had nice chrome rims, and nice black tint, it was decent looking, if you like 300c's. so he starts to mess with my friends slow cavy, and my other 2 friends first gen DSMs, and i get sick of it and pull up to them, and before i get there, he guns it. so i say "o h**lllllllll no!" and pull donw to 2nd as he is already going, and i start to lessen how much he is pullin on me, and then i hit 3rd and i start to catch up to him. by the time i hit the top of 3rd, i was right in his blind spot, so i hit 4th and just pull on him. by about 120 i get really nervous, and just let off about 2-3 length in front of him, and i throw out my "youre number 1" greeting to him, which of course enrages the gangster wanna be. so he get up next to me again a little further up and we both slow down to about 40, and he hits it and lets off, and i notice his tires spinning, so then i hit 2nd again and hit hits it, and its over at that point when i keep pullin to halfway thru 3rd when a light comes up. so then i go to turn left at the light, and at this point my friends have caught up, and one is next to me on my left, and one is behind him, and one is behind me. so the 300c pulls up 2 lanes over to go straight and lowers his window and starts yellin at me that "you got a fast car boy, but u shouldnt be flickin ppl off before u get hurt" and i just look at him and laugh, and my friend is like what did he say? and im like "he told me not to flick him off" so i just look back at the 300c and raise my window. at this point my light goes green to turn, and his is still red, but being the dumbass that just got beat, he tears off thru the light, and then i see a cop not too far behind as my friends and i pull into the 7-11.

so lets see, that makes me like
late 90s vette - L
AWD turbo 1st gen DSM - W
FWD turbo 1st gen DSM #1 - W
FWD turbo 1st gen DSM #2 - L
Saab turbo - W
240sx sr20 - W
300c hemi - W
Acura CL v6 #1- W
Acura CL v6 #2 - W
99 cobra /w full exhaust and gears (before i got mine) - L

thats all i can remember for now...
7-3 isnt that bad ... i guess
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