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300C puts up a fight

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I was rolling down I81 the other day and I passed this awesome looking new Chrysler 300C(Hemi). I stared over as I went by and at first he just kind of looked away. Then as Im just in front of his car he jumps up to my passenger door. So I know he wanted to run.. so I downshifted to 3rd which was a mistake since i was already going just shy of 90. He nails it when he hears me downshift and he is still at my door as i lay into 3rd and jump into a quick 4th gear shift. He sits right at my door for what felt like an eternity. Then as I approached 115 or so I started to walk away very slowly... By 130 I was about 1 car length ahead and for the first time ever I made my shift to 5th and I believe I was running around 140... I didnt have time to look. No one was around so it was a good run. Those hemi's can hang :) That was with max a/c on btw.. some people say it cuts off at wot but I disagree .. my car feels different with a/c but that could be my imagination.. Nevertheless another kill.

2005 Silver GT 5spd w/ K&N Aircharger
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Not sure but I think the AC cuts out at WOT. It seems like it does in my car.
ya thats what I heard as well.. I guess the different "feeling" would be attributed to the decreased power elsewhere on the throttle. I just need to slam the gas harder :)
I posted my experience a while back with one...

I COMPLETELY trashed him, from about 60mph...

You would have done much better if you hadn't threw it to 3rd going that fast.
They are not good competion for us if you drive "correctly." Not trying to pick on you or your skillz, we all slip up sometimes.:gringreen
those 6.1s or 6.0s what ever they are are quick.
I know you arent picking on my skillz :).. However, it was natural reaction to jam 3rd .. since Im usually always going 75 or so... Oh well. And spec to spec I think they are a close match At least the 300C is not the other models... which are kind of hard to differentiate from. You cant tell what it is from the front of it or the side. I think they are teh only ones to have dual exhaust and that little C Hemi badge underneath the 300. I think they trap 100mph> @low14s and their 0-60 arent as bad as you would imagine. somewhere in the mid5's. You sure it was a C version you trashed? I just dont think you could put a "ton" of car lengths on em that easily.
2005 Chrysler 300C 5.6 0-60, 14.1 1/4 mile

2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 5.1 0-60, 13.5 1/4 mile

Not much in the way of competition, if you ask me...:evillol:

Yeah, it was without a doubt, a 300C, with the hemi (oooh, a hemi.) I was stuck behind him for awhile, he was doing 60 and wouldn't get out of the left lane, wife tells me to go around. Right lane opened up, and I went to pass him.
Got along side of him and he floored it, so did I. It was not even a race, he got shmoked:smoke: . Some smartypants lawyer looking dude with his buddy riding shotgun. When they gunned it, they were laughing:

"We'll show this Ford Product what is up won't we Barry?"

"Yeah, we've got a Hemi!!! They'll never know what hit them!!! Just like in the commercial!!!"

":what: Uh, Barry, why are we staring at their taillights? Are you SURE this has the Hemi:doh: ?"

"Why yes, Chuck, the saleman said so. I think I'm going to cry......:yakyak: :yakyak: :weeps :weeps ."

Wife: "JEB, why are they so slow?"
JEB: "They got a Hemi, silly nerds! Shouda bought a 'Stang."
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the 6.1L Hemi is only in the SRT8....a regular 300C has a 5.7L Hemi makin 340HP and 390lbs tq
Thats awesome I saw one of the hemi's take a 98 ferrari till about 85 they are quick cars.
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