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302 engine rebuild

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Hey whats up guy's whats up i just bought a 302 engine, and am wanting to rebuild it, i want to know what kind of stuff you put in your engine. just to help me get some ideas
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A little over $4000 into the engine, then there's other things to support it (fuel pump, radiator, etc.)
Fast, fun to drive, reliable so far.
Approximately 25,000 dollars......:rollgrin:
+ 1 to the 25K, but for those of us who can't do that, besides a solid bottom end, yes, throw the heads away and get a nice set of aluminum heads, complete, match them to your cam and driving expectations. :kooky:
Forged internals, arp bolts, scat cranks, tfs/ afr/ canfield heads, scorpion rockers, stroker kits, windage trays, deep sump oil pans, tfs/ holley/ edelbrock intakes, delphi injectors, Pro M maf meters, vortech/ paxton superchargers, accufab tb, aeromotive adj fuel reg, 255 lph Walbro pump, Mallory ign, methanol/ e85 gas, screw in freeze plugs, I could do this all day...

What is your goal?
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