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302 Short Block - Where to look for One

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I was hoping to get your thoughts on good places or sites to pick up a 302 block or short block. Also your opinion on whether it is better to by a new short block, or just rebuild a used one?

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Actually, being you're in California, check these out.

Powered By Ford - Your only high performance parts supplier for your Ford car or truck

Coast High Performance: Ford, Chevy, Stroker Kits, Short Blocks, Long Blocks, Crate Engines

Ford Performance Solutions

There's more than just 1 place to buy from. Plus with those being in California, your shipping will be less as well. Those 3 are highly recommended and reputable in the quality of their work.

A Dart block and a World Products block are the ones you want when you're going for SERIOUS power, power that's beyond the capabilities of a stock block. Being your goal is 350, you don't need a monster $2000+ block like a Dart or WP.

A seasoned block is where it's gone through sufficient heat cycles and it's ready for use.
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