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331 stroker questions

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first time doing a 331 stroker, I have gt40p heads wondering how well it would run with getting those ported along with the cobra intake. also whats the best injectors to run with that setup 24lbs? thanks.
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Well it will work and run but those heads and intake are on the small size for such a motor.

Read around here for a little so you can see what you might be getting into.

Also how much for the port and polish?

You will also have to upgrade the springs for those heads so expect to $$$$
GT40 heads are not nearly enough, ported or not.

Why a 331 (which is actually a 332) and not a 347?
GT40 heads are not nearly enough, ported or not.

Why a 331 (which is actually a 332) and not a 347? you've done it pete.:nono:
Only real men drive 349's :yup:
:worship:worship:worship i can't even afford my little ole 302... you've done it pete.:nono:
Whaaaaat? What did I do now??? :smartass:
so basically ill have to fork out $$ for some heads ok, what about the injectors?
Get ones big enough to support the power this engine is capable of making and you're golden.
Notchy, you can do what you like as this is your car and your money.

If you are going to build a stroker motor which will require more air and more fuel than a built 302 then don't hamstring yourself with head choices that are limiting on a 302 build.

A decision like this requires a plan and plenty of thought.

Keep on reading.........
+1. As always, start with listing:

  1. Your budget available
  2. Your expectations of the end product
If you give us that, we can probably help you out more.
start by getting this and read it repeatedly....


He makes some good books I must say.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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