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I am thinking of going for a 331 stroker...
I have a 94 GT
and I am goin on 156k miles...

where can I get what I need to do this setup?!?!

and what will the price be is I will not be doing this myself

mods on my car now =
CAI bbk
BBk shortie Headers
Upgraded Cats
no mufflers
computer (not sure last owner did that)
underdrive pullies
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You can get the parts anywhere, you can do a search or summit or jegs may have some... also the price for the kit is around $1200.00 - $ 1700.00 or more just depends on the kit you get. also to get the work done, will be high, not sure but maybe around 1,000..
It may be in your best interest to check out for their already assembled kits or give them a call. They build those blocks for a living and can tell you which combo is the best for you.

Check out their level 20 cnc blocks.
Forgot about them, I should of remember them.. i'll be going with the
460 Super Pro Bullet Short Block
460SB3000Super Pro Bullet 460 Flat Top Inline Valve

347 Pro Bullet Short Block
347SB2004Late Pro Bullet 347 Max Quench/Twisted Wedge$2559.95
what everone i pick i'll be getting the level 20 cnc block​
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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