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351 in a foxbody

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I wanted to know what it takes to put a 351 in a foxbodied mustang.
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Its pretty simple depending on if you go carb or efi, I put a carb 351 cleavland in my 92 notch, You can use the 302 motor mounts but probably will have issues with the hood, and youll have to get the oil pan swap to convert it to a rear sump pickup other that those things its pretty simple, also it will depend on what year the 351 is and what kinda trans you got, im using a c4 and every thing bolts up and fits. good luck its a great idea to put a 351 in a fox
How I did mine

This is a 351 into an 89 Lincoln Mk7, but that's just
basically a little longer Fox chassis.

I started with a serpentine belt motor, so didn't
need the spacer and pulley that you need if you
start with a V belt motor.

Other than that, I think most everything you
need to know is in this link, or in the links
in that article (the alternative auto link is good
incl Ford part #'s)

If you can spring for alum heads (I got used
lo miles Ebrocks for $600) you're only a few
pounds heavier with a 351 than an iron-head

You NEED the Mustang vert / Lincoln Mk 7 LSC
mounts - they're stronger AND lower.

If you're going a fairly stout motor, you would
want to go to either Edelbrock or Trick Flow
for a good hi perf efi intake.

And 302 headers won't fit - they hit the floor.

any questions [email protected]
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You can get a swap kit here also you can ask the owner any questions you may have, he is very helpful
if you want an efi 351 check this out.
Includes a full part number list for everything you would need.
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