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351c heads??

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i was wonder how much i could pick up a set of 351c heads.... is there a specific year to look out 5.0 has a blown head gasket and im looking for a cheap upgrade... i read in MMFF that they flow 10% less than Edelbrock Performer heads... is there anything else that needs to be changed besides the water jackets.

please any info will help
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how much as in price??.cuz i have a set id sell
ya how much?.. anyone else have any input on this idea....
$100...the c heads is what made a boss 302 special. i was kinda thinking of doing the swap too but the intake is the hard thing to find
are they 2v or 4v? and where in PA do you live... cause i might be able to pick up
they are 2v...iv had 4v and 2v 351c cars in the past and the 2v heads are much better street heads then the 4v. our old 72 mach 1 had a 351c cj and it didnt make power till over 3500 rpm but my 70 cougar with 2v heads and a 4v intake would eat the mach 1 right of the im near hershey pa
Why waste your time with those heads??
because im not going to put any money into aluminum heads... and since the head gasket is blown and i need to pull the heads off to fix..... this is a very cheap way to pick up some power while fixing the problem

i am not keeping the 5.0 in the car... i am wanting to go bigger.. so what is the point of dropping over a grand into some nice heads when im not going to keep it into the car.

i dont have the money to build the motor for this car.. because im in the middle of my 2.3turbo road car.. i just wanna get the car decent to have some fun at the track...
They are not worth the time and effort.Plus they will take a special high dollar intake.
GhostDog 5.0 said:
Why waste your time with those heads??
k i guess my mind is changed about the cleveland heads.... how about porting the stock heads.... will i see some decent gains and how much will porting and polishing cost approx. ive seen some guys run deep into the 11's with ported stock heads.
To put the cleveland heads on a 302 you need to machine the water passages in the clevo heads. It is hard to do, but thats why you send them to machine shops. Allthough others are saying its not the way to go, you dont have to beleive them. yeah you can spend 500 or so for the whole process, but compared to buying a new set of alunimun or other heads, you can save alot of money for the bennifit.
If you still want to run Cleveland heads Edelborck makes a set that has the provisions for the srcew in plugs to install these heads on a windsor motor. Instead of making a Cleavor I am installing a 71 Boss 351C 4 barrel into a 91 GT 5spd with a TKO 600 tranny. My Cleveland has less that 30,000 miles on it when the Mustang was wrecked and the motor was given to me. The 2 barrel heads are good for a daily driven automatic car and the 4 barrel heads would be for a race car or a straight shift.
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