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Hey, does anyone have an idea of how much HP this 351c setup would have?

4-bolt main
crank cut 10 under
flat top pistons
cam .524/.524
4v closed chamber heads
springs 180lb
torker 2 manifold
holley 650 double pumper
msd ignition
only electric fan
aluminum pulleys
exhaust manifolds, 2 1/2 inch exhaust
no AC or power steering

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givin it has about 11.1/1 cr. i would say you are pushin 400 hp. i have almost the same setup but have never had it dynoed. one thing is for sure it should be a fun motor. i'm running 9.6/ 1 and mine probably 350 horse. if your planning to stuff it into a tiny maverick i hope your life insurance is paid up! good luck
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Welcome to the site! Your best bet is going to the dyno... Keep us posted! :bigthumbsup
Hey wht year and type is ur car. wht stall and gear ratio do u have. Also have u ever taken to track, if so wht was ur ET
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