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351W Build

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1994 351w build for my 1968 Coupe
Just need some help deciding on my valve train.
The cam I'm running is Comp Cams:
I'm reusing the stock hydraulic roller lifters because they are in good condition.

My question is what kind of rocker arm should I run? I was thinking these:

By the way I have Twisted Wedge 170cc track heat heads.

I'm also not sure on the pushrod length? I know you can buy a pushrod length checker but I'm curoius if someone has run a similar combo. If I can I would like to run the stock pushrods but I want to do this right so if it's better to go with a new set I will.

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The only downside on the roller rockers you've listed is that they are cast and not forged. As long as your not running a blower, turbo, real high RPM's or extremely high compression they should work fine although they seems a tad expensive. If you do end up running a turbo or blower, you could replace the exhaust side with a forged unit. Extruded are ok as well but they are extruded with the grain running transverse to the longitudinal axis. They are better, but nowhere near as good as a forged unit. Stainless steel are also very good but heavier (that's what I use). Pushrod checkers are available from Summit and Jegs and are easy to use. Enjoy!
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