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4/18/2015 Drag Results

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2012 GT auto premium, fully loaded besides glass roof
15x10 Race stars with 295 hoosiers
BMR lowers, Relo brackets top hole
Viking DA set at 4C/7R
Airaid Intake
MAP tune
DA was 2700-3000 all night. Times correct down to 11.5-11.6 in good weather. Overall very happy. Car is a pleasure to drive, shifts perfect, and runs good.

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So basically, a few suspension tweaks...a rear tire, intake and tune?

That is very good. Gotta be happy with that, especially at that DA level.

Good job sir.
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Your advice helped for sure. Last time couldn't 60' below 1.88. Moved the LCA, swapped the shocks, and bam, solid 11s, and consistent 60s. Still have the BMR upper and bracket in the box in garage from Black Friday I bought, but do to track being lame and telling me not to come back without a bunch of safety stuff, I may just sell tires and all the mods and retire the wife-stang back to wife daily driving duty.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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