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4.6 injectors to 3.8 fuel rail?

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I was wondering if it's plug a play to swap same year / style sn95 ( 94-98) gt injectors into a 3.8 fuel rail. I need more fuel in order to not lean out at 18.1 anymore. Who ever thought a little gt28 turbo from an s15 would put in so much work at 8 psi.

I need around 22lb and that's what the sn95 4.6's had correct? I can't justify spending 600 on new injectors when I know the top end is gonna go here shorty ( ford 3.8's)
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The '01.5+ cars had 21#, prior to that they were all 19#. No idea if they will fit your rails though.
Mine is a 97 so I guess 19lb would have to do, better than 13lb. still need to figure out if they are compatible with my rails, im going by the jy tomorrow and could pick up a set but before I invest it n them I would like to be sure they're compatible

Look in this thread. I beleive it is 19lbs, or maybe 14lbs.. mixed numbers, stock for your fuel injectors and when it gets to 99 it changes to 21lbs v6 wise. This site, so far, is the only one to show any good information when i looked.
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