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4 cylinder barely!

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Have a 1992 4 cylinder Fox Body Hatch, non Turbo
picked this car up approx 2 month's ago. Here's the problem, your help is very appreciated:
The exhaust had a hole just b4 the catalytic converter under the passenger side (single exhaust).
I clamped it, car ran well for the past several weeks.
It then began to sound like another hole had formed elsewhere, you know that sound.
Then after engine warmed up, especially on warmer day's, restarting became a problem.
Had to wait for cool down.
The other night, it began to run VERY POORLY, wanting to power, literally puttered home no faster than 15 mph.
When I finally made it home, I looked under the car and the catalytic converter was GLOW ORANGE hot! Looked like a horse shoe out of the fire.
I removed the clampfrom the original hole thinking the catalytic is not flowing.
The car barely runs at all.
I'm not a knowledgeable person with be straight up.
I love the car, planning a restore when I get the cash...just to get running again is today's goal.
Any help, please?
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The cat could be partially clogged. Get under
the car and wack it with a hammer a couple
of times. That will usually break up any clog
it might have.
pull codes. check my threads for how to pull codes if you are unsure how to.

this could be a few things, hence why i suggest pulling the codes because that really helps narrow things down. but just off the top of my head i would say bad o2 sensor. try unplugging the o2 sensor from the harness and driving around for a bit and see if anything improves. the car will still run a bit boggy and sluggish but you will notice a huge difference between before and after if the o2 sensor is the problem.
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Thank you for your reply's.
Another detail I left out is that I can smell gasoline. Very strong odor.
Any further opinions?
Thank you!
Check the gas tank cap :p and the fuel lines also the gas tank and the fuel filter (it's near the gas tank)
I unplugged the O2 sensor near the improvement.

The car is starting, even after its warmed up.
It will not rev up. The RPM is low, and won't go above a certain level. This is what made making it home difficult.

Is there a "safety mode" this car goes into?

What us up with this car??
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Cat is probably clogged. "It glowing is a sign" Take one cable off battery. While it is off if can loosen up the exhaust pipe bolts and let the pipe drop down. [leaving a gap] Unsure how a non turbo is. In other words let the exhaust out before the cat. Reinstall battery cable. [That should erase codes for a test drive] I know will be real loud but this is a test. If this solves it take to a exhaust place or do yourself. EPA legal way is to replace the cat. And that is way I am leaving it. Maurice
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I agree with Maurice there is a clog in your cat. Possibly from running too lean, while replacing the cat will fix the issue, it may happen again if the other issues anrt taken care of
I suggest you park the car until you either bypass or replace the converter.

With the converter issue out of the way you can measure the voltage at the O2 sensor to see what the fuel trim looks like with the engine running.

A clogged converter will cause all of the issues you describe. It will also cause the engine to run rich, which can in turn; foul spark plugs, foul the O2 sensor and ruin the converter even more.

The glowing manifold would be a good indicator of a rich fuel mixture.
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Thank You for the two prior responses.

What damage to the engine may have been caused by the exhaust being plugged like this?
What I'm asking is what may need replacing as a result of the obvious heat and back pressure?
Shouldnt be too serious, your engine is just wasting a lot gas, and has to work harder to move air. If its been like this for thousands of miles, might be a different case.
You will need a pipe or a new converter to fit into the old ones place. And get what ever sensor is causing rich conditions fixed, probably the o2 sensor or vam.
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Hey crack it's a 92 non turbo I don't think it has a VAM also hopefully it's soemthing easy like a O2 sensor but you should check for vacuum leaks that's what killed my CAT.
Oh lol well if it's the MAF then you can just find any dual plug ranger that has the same engine as yours and take one :p
Glowing exhaust is normally a lean condition or a very rich condition as well!! Most likely rich
Peace Tom
The cat could be partially clogged. Get under
the car and wack it with a hammer a couple
of times. That will usually break up any clog
it might have.
partially sure ,maybe all clogged , but please never hit your catalyst with a hammer...dissapointed.gif sure it may unclog ,but the ceramic material inside may move on to the muffler only making you replace more...if you have to hit your cat use a gloved palm...listen for rattles.
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Cut it off and weld a piece of pipe in :) until you fix the problem then put a new cat
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