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4cyl. Wiring diagram

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i currently am trying to maintain, (lol) an 89 2.3l 4cyl.
i purchased this vehicle knowing it was a hunk of pure ****....
i've done ALOT to her...
but now i am stuck...

i was told there was some kind of short that was somehow linked to her stereo fuse...(which, must be removed when the car is not on)

now, whatever is goin draining the battery life...everytime i drive.

i've been searching and searching on the web for the schematics and thinkin maybe i can troubleshoot and find the short....though there might be lol

i cannot find the diagram for a 4cyl.
all i'm finding is the 8's.

can someone out there help me????

i would be soooo greatful.:)

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Does it have the stock stereo? mine had the same problem. I made a new harness when I removed the aftermarket POS and put in a CD player.
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