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4lug to 5lug conversion issue

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Hopeful to upgrade for little cash, I have searched for a junk yard solution for the swap. I have read mjbobbitt's page and found that the bearings are not close enough for my taste :so. I have not found anyone who has addressed this issue. The use of the mustang bearing and the Ranger race does not allow the bearing to seat correctly in the race (it rides high). Does anyone know of a correct bearing and race combo that will work. I understand from reading that many kits are available, but I have blown alot of money already and am getting short fast. The Lincoln swap would be considered, but they have become very hard to find. Any and all help is welcome, new ground is not always easy to cover.

I had though I had seen a post on this before, but was unable to find it.
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What year is your car? LX or GT?

Some cars will need to use the ranger rotors, some will need the lincoln rotors.
I looked at your profile and see you have a '82 GT. This being the case, you need the rotors from a '83-88 4 cyl. Ranger. Or you can pick up a set of '87-93 5.0L Mustang spindles and use the Lincoln/SVO rotors.

Copied from the mjbobbit site:

To keep the stock rear wheel offset and drums, the '83-'92 Ranger/Bronco II Left (driver) side axle (29-5/32") from a 4cyl or 3.0L V-6 with the 7.5" rear end, or '86-'97 Aerostar RIGHT side axles (29-5/32") is what you want. They are the same rear axles, the center section is just on the opposite side when you compare the rear ends. The pumpkins are also off center unlike the Mustangs, so you will have to find two vehicles to pull axles from! You will need the drums from either of these vehicles also if you are staying with rear 9" drums. The 7.5 axle Rangers & Aerostars use 9" drums. These parts are direct 5 lug replacements for the stock 9" rear drums on the 79-93 Mustangs.

79-93 5 Lug Ford Fox Body Mustang Conversions
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And you're positive you picked up the correct rotors?
Thats strange. Have you done any searching on the forums here for any ranger rotor swap threads? Surely this has been done or dealt with before.
I got bored the other day and did a search on here. One thread I came across said something about needing a different inner bearing, but didn't go as far as to say which one.
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