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5.0 longtube headers question?

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whats works best with longtubes, x pipe, hpipe or straight pipes to the mufflers? will it sound or work better with turndown dumps or tailpipes?
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The old question of X vs H applies to long tubes. It depends on your muffler.

Chambered mufflers like Flowmaster and MAC do better with an H.
Straight through mufflers like Magnaflow or SLP do better with an X.

You don't want straight pipes, that'll make it sound like an old truck that cracks and pops with glasspacks.

As for turndowns or not, that's up to your tolerance for a blasting blaring exhaust right in your ear and you don't mind yelling to your passengers. Not to mention dumps stink up the interior when you're not in motion.
Thats helps me out a bunch, i have a set of tail pipes i could install since i have dumps, but in you opinion what would sound better, if i have longtubes an hpipe and some macs? i love the way my x303 cam beats thru the dumps but would you think it will still sound as good thru the tailpipes?
Set aside 2 hours and go to youtube and listen to the millions of combinations on there.
i'd set aside more time because I normally get sidetracked by other mustang videos... but thats just me. youtube is such a great tool!
That classic 5.0 sound is best attained with an H pipe and chambered mufflers like Flowmasters or Mac Flow Paths. Dumps will pound the ground and your hearing but sound bad ass. Besides the CO2 in the cabin during stops, dumps do attract the other 5.0, the Heat, the Man, Fuzz, Coppers etc.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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