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5.0 M3 project questions

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It's been a while since I've been around the 5.0 and I am about to start a project and hoping some can help out with a few questions I have. I'm putting a 302 into a '98*M3*and the motor I have lined up is a '93 5.0 (stock block/cam), SN-95 Cobra heads and an Explorer*intake.

I'll be swapping h/c/i, but what kind of power is the current setup good for?

Due to*hood*clearance issues, I'm looking for an intake with a similar height as the Explorer intake (I think I've seen a Trick Flow intake fit). With that in mind, what would be a decent h/c/i setup to get about 350whp on a stock bottom end and still be streetable? Is it possible to do this and keep the compression under 10:1 in case I throw on a s/c later?Most everything I have read so far seems to point toward Trick Flow or*AFR*185's and 1.6 rockers. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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H/c/I on a stock bottom is almost* never gonna put 350 to the wheels. 300 to 320 is much more realistic. A combo like a Holley systeMax, trick flow 170s, and a fti custom cam are the best bet to go over 300 to the wheels
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it.
The setup you said you have is possible to get 300rwhp no problems. google nohrspwr and see what his setup does....he has a 5.0 explorer motor with stock HO cam and goodies and he is at 301 hp so i would assume your setup will be in all honesty around 260rwhp unless you add other stuff like alum flywheel underdrives, and custom tune...
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The GT40P heads flow better than the SN-95 Cobra heads? You say as it sits I'm looking at around 260. What would you recommend to get closer to my goal?
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