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5.0 M3 project questions

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It's been a while since I've been around the 5.0 and I am about to start a project and hoping some can help out with a few questions I have. I'm putting a 302 into a '98*M3*and the motor I have lined up is a '93 5.0 (stock block/cam), SN-95 Cobra heads and an Explorer*intake.

I'll be swapping h/c/i, but what kind of power is the current setup good for?

Due to*hood*clearance issues, I'm looking for an intake with a similar height as the Explorer intake (I think I've seen a Trick Flow intake fit). With that in mind, what would be a decent h/c/i setup to get about 350whp on a stock bottom end and still be streetable? Is it possible to do this and keep the compression under 10:1 in case I throw on a s/c later?Most everything I have read so far seems to point toward Trick Flow or*AFR*185's and 1.6 rockers. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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H/c/I on a stock bottom is almost* never gonna put 350 to the wheels. 300 to 320 is much more realistic. A combo like a Holley systeMax, trick flow 170s, and a fti custom cam are the best bet to go over 300 to the wheels
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