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Description: Door lock actuator failure is a common occurrence in 79-93 Fox-body Mustangs. If the door key works but not the unlock button, or if the door key will not turn, or if the door lock knob is frozen in the unlock position and nothing happens when you hit the switch then it's time to swap out those door lock actuators.

Restore proper door lock functionality with a new door lock actuator kit from LRS. Kit includes everything you need to install new door lock actuators in your Mustang!



* Easy Bolt & Plug In Installation
* New Hardware To Install Door Panels

Kit Includes:

* (2) Door Lock Actuators
* (2) Actuator Rivets
* (24) Door Panel Push Pins
* (1) Door Panel Removal Tool

50resto1979-1993-mustang-door-lock-actuator-kit.jpg 50resto1979-1993-mustang-door-lock-actuator-kit-2.jpg 50resto1979-1993-mustang-door-lock-actuator-kit-3.jpg 50resto1979-1993-mustang-door-lock-actuator-kit-4.jpg 50resto1979-1993-mustang-door-lock-actuator-kit-5.jpg
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