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5.0. valvetrain help please..

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Hello guys, I have and 1986 mustang, 5.0 swapped. (I believe the block is out of a truck if it applies to this) when car is Running it has a wicked tick that increases as rpms increase, removed intake and valve covers, all seems well besides one very loose pushrod and rocker. Very very loose. I'm lost on what to do next in fixing this. Any specs needed just ask, thanks! -Evan
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Does the lifter, pushrod, and rocker move at all when you rotate the engine? If not, then you have a flat cam lobe.
+1 Also,remove rocker arm to eliminate valve spring load on lifter and with pushrod still in place slowly rotate engine by hand and see if you have cam lobe lift by viewing lift of pushrod.You may only have a collapsed lifter rather than a bad cam lobe.If it hasn't been run with the tick for a long period of time , a lifter replacement may fix the issue.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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