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5.0 versus monte carlo 305

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The kid at the dunkin donuts and I were talking. His monte carlo is a nice one, stock 305 he says. What do you think? He says it will bring the front tires off the ground! :scratchchin

I will take a picture of it later and post!
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No, I know he was BS-ing
sorry about the naugty word.

Went to the DDonuts tonight but he wasnt there. I will catch him though, and take a pic of his car. If he is willing, I will race him somewhere and come back with info. I better not loose. :nono:
^^^ haahaaaa ya

I hate it when kids (18yrs old) ******** you cause they know **** about cars..............:shigrin

What is a 305 when compared to a 302?
Im going to go up to DD and see if he is there, and hopefully gain a snapshot of his ride. I will report back.:bigthumbsup
He works at the DD but I havent seen him! I will see him soon though. He did mention money! But I told him I dont race for money. Never have.
The kid bought a stolen car! He got pulled over and the car was taken in .

Hes looking at buying another monte carlo with a 350, once I get my rear end gear in my car Ill smoke that 350 just like I was going to smoke his 305.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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